Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

PMG use several cookies primarily to support Google Analytics and to support the video playback of the front page video by Scoot.

What Is A Cookie:

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer that can be accessed dynamically by the web site for a variety of reasons. Cookies are currently classified into 4 categories which increase in significance with regards to issues of privacy, as detailed below:
  • Category 1: Strictly necessary cookies
  • Category 2: Performance cookies
  • Category 3: Functionality cookies
  • Category 4: Targeting or Advertising cookies
The PMG Worldwide website uses Category 1 and 2 cookies as detailed below:

Category 1

NamePurposeMore information
BC_BANDWIDTH The BC_BANDWIDTH cookie is a third party cookie used to assist in the delivery of the video on the front page. This is a purely functional cookie that expires at the end of the session. See Brightcoves Privacy Policy

Category 2

NamePurposeMore information
These are third party cookies used with Google Analytics which we use to analyse web traffic. They do not contain personal data. See Googles Privacy Policy

You can opt out of the Google Analytics system here.